Do complete beginners need a lift pass?

No, one does not need a lift pass to begin with. The ski and snowboard beginners can use the beginners-lift free of charge. Children up to the age of 6 years go free on all the lifts. Your ski instructor will inform you when you will need to buy a lift pass.

Beginner or advanced?

If you have done at least a 5 day ski course on snow, you are usually not considered a beginner. Please inform us as to how many days ski school you have absolved in the past and whether you have been up the mountain before. We must know if you can manage blue runs by yourself in order to send you to the correct meeting-points.

Can one join a class during the week?
If you have skied before, it is possible for children and adults to join a class during the week except on Friday and Saturday. Beginners’ classes always start on Sunday or Monday. (We can help you to find a solution on other days)
3 day Snowboard classes for beginners always start on Sundays or Wednesdays. Advanced snowboarders can join the groups any day apart from Saturdays.
Are there refunds if the ski course does not meet your perception?

Generally we do not refund the cost of lessons! You do have the option to change the classes without further costs. We make an effort to always please our guests, find a solution and hope that you will be more than satisfied. A refund, due to non-consumed days, is only refundable with a doctor’s note in case of illness or accident.

How is one assessed and put into groups?

Everyone will be assessed by their own standard and by their age group.

Do timing problems arise when parents and children want to go to ski school?

No! Our instructors are always 15 minutes in advance at the meeting-point. The children’s classes begin 5 minutes earlier than adults. This gives the parents about 20 minutes between delivering the children and the beginning of their own class. It is also possible to rent your own equipment within this time!

Is it possible for our children to be in the same group?
If the children are around the same age and standard it is of course possible. If one of the children is a higher standard, then this child will have to join the group where the child of lower or slower standard is. Please inform us before you buy your tickets.
Is it possible to book a certain teacher for group lessons?

You may express your wish for a certain instructor! We cannot guarantee that you will get this instructor. Many of our instructors are booked in advance so it is not always possible to fulfil these wishes. Early booking may help us to organise this.

When should I book a private instructor?

Generally, the earlier you book, the better the chance is to get the instructor you want. If you would like a certain instructor for private tuition, please send us an email or book on-line. Some instructors are often booked out in the autumn!

Can children under 5 years join ski lessons?

Yes! We have special Bambini ski lessons for young children as from the age of 3 until 5. The Bambini groups have a maximum of 5 and it takes place only in the mornings. The children are cared for by teachers who wish the best for your children and encourage them to learn to ski in a playful way without being too demanding at this early age.