Kids Beginner

Beginner Kids

To begin with, we practise for a couple of days in our exclusive Children’s Area. The 1st steps on snow to being able to make controlled turns. Our own four lift help with a speedy progression. Once the kids can make a few safe and controlled snowplough turns linked together, then we are off to the wide ranging blue runs of St Johann’s Ski Area.

Once the kids have been skiing for a week you will be amazed as you see them having a blast following their Instructor all over the mountain!


Naturally our children don´t just learn how to ski during their lessons. They will be looked after during lunchtime as well. Our professional ski instructors will make sure that all the kids have lunch before the afternoon skiing begins again.

Regardless, if they are skiing in our beginners area, or on the mountain- just make sure the kids have enough money with them – 8 euros should do – to buy themselves a meal and a drink.

We do not sell meal vouchers, the children will only pay for what they eat.

  • Times: Sun – Thu: 10:00 – 15:00
  • Start on Sun and Mon