No handicap!

Snowsports without a handicap:

  • Skiing with visually impaired people
  • Skiing in a seated position
  • Downs Syndrom
  • Skiing with paraplegics

Für Beginners and intermediates

Interesting information from the “Tyrolean Tourist Board”:

Information about prices you can get in our office!!

Skiing for handicapped:

Skischool Wilder Kaiser St.Johann in Tirol has already a lot of experience with skiing for handicapped! Specially trained instructors ski and board with visually impaired children or with kids, who suffer from Downs syndrome. The annual visit of  the NCBI, the National council for the blind of Ireland proves this. A special highlight have been the silver medals that were won by  Cathal Murphy (visually impaired) und Rebecca McGonagle (Downs Syndrome) during the special olympics in Banff 2009. Without the tuition of our instructors, this would not have been possible!!

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or with bi ski

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